Our solutions

PERTIA MEDICAL draws its strength from the expertise of its human capital, its quality, its innovation, and its after-sales service to satisfy its customers and partners’ needs.

Our Solutions

Our specialties

PERTIA MEDICAL provides competitive and innovative solutions to improve patient care & quality of life for the patients. We also offer the healthcare professionals optimal solutions so they can better face their major challenges and to better serve our patients.


Our offers of consumables are carefully selected in terms of diversity and high added value with globally recognized brands. This allows our health care professionals to better manage their patients in comfort and safety.


Our equipment supply meets the needs of health care professionals for reliable, robust and secure equipment.

Biopsie liquide

La biopsie liquide est un test d’analyse médicale, conçu, développé et validé par les laboratoires Pathway Genomics, c’est un test non-invasif à base de prélèvement sanguin (2Tubes x10 ml de sang total).


The main objective is to provide our African neighbors and confreres in the field of health products with superior quality and expertise.


Our factory, just like our entire institution, has a quality management system (QMS) constantly aligned with the best international standards.